So far, 2,831 people have taken the pledge to end the stigma of mental illness.

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You are a friend. You are a teammate. You are a neighbor. You are so much more than your mental illness. 

Join the community of 1,300+ people who have spoken up to stop stigma.

Karl Shallowhorn Discusses The Importance of Breaking The Stigma of Mental Illness

1 in 5 young people lives with a mental health condition. If you're dealing with a mental health condition, let someone know. When we find someone that is willing to listen, sometimes we don't even need an answer.

We need to talk.

If you’re dealing with a mental health challenge, you are not alone. Approximately 1 in 5 Western New Yorkers are living with a mental health diagnosis, yet many of these people suffer in silence because of the discrimination that goes along with it. So, we’re starting a conversation to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Join us as we share our stories, our struggles and our successes. When we talk about mental health, we help everyone find their voice.

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Welcome to our newest Coalition members: @cvebwny Community Veterans Engagement Board, Buffalo City Swim Racers, WNY WALKS! and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Western NY Chapter! 👏🏼 CVEB of WNY is an advocacy organization (with over 25 member organizations) ...
We're proud to shine a spotlight on @parentnetworkwny today! 👏🏼 Parent Network of WNY is a not-for-profit agency that provides education and resources for families of individuals with special needs (birth through adulthood) and for professionals. 👉🏼 The agency provides ...
In African American communities, people are likely to rely on church and social communities for support rather than seek professional help. 👉🏼 This is just one reason 30% of African American adults with mental illness receive treatment each year, compared ...
As part of #WorldMentalHealthDay, we want to remind you that resources are available. You are never alone. Visit our website to see our resources page. 👍🏼 #LetsTalkStigma #JoinTheConversation #AntiStigmaCoalition ⁣⠀
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