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Stigma, Mental Health and Peer Support

Stigma, Mental Health and Peer Support

One in five people live with a mental health diagnosis, yet many people suffer in silence because of stigma. Fear of being treated differently or being discriminated against can result in people avoiding or delaying seeking treatment.

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Stigma is Common for Residents of Rural Communities

Stigma is Common for Residents of Rural Communities

Isolation, concerns about confidentiality, and a tradition of self-reliance can lead to significant stigma for individuals with mental health challenges living in rural communities. In addition, most rural areas lack adequate mental health services.

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Overcoming Stigma for Serenity

Overcoming Stigma for Serenity

by Nicole Shields, Youth Peer Advocate Program Manager, Mental Health AdvocatesGrowing up I felt like something was off. I never felt right or like I fit in. I was quiet & easily blended in. When I began drinking alcohol & using substances as an early teen, it...

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