Facebook Live Events

December 2021 - The State of Stigma: Managing The Anxiety of the Season

December’s Facebook Live brings together experts to discuss how to maintain good mental health during the holidays and support family members with mental health conditions.

November 2021 - The State of Stigma: How Trauma & Stigma Affect Veterans Across Generations

Our experts discuss differences and similarities between Vietnam and Afghanistan war experiences, improvements in mental health services, and how to support Veterans in our communities.

October 2021 - The State of Stigma: Depression Screening & Seeking Treatment

October is National Depression Screening Month. Learn about a free, confidential screening tool and why it’s important to seek treatment for depression. If you suffer from depression, you are not alone—more than 50% of Americans now meet the clinical definition of depression or anxiety disorder.

September 2021 - The State of Stigma: Back to College - Supporting Your Student’s Mental Health

Are you concerned about your college student’s mental well-being? Learn about resources available on campus, how to recognize when your student needs help, and how to get past the stigma of mental health challenges. Hear from counselors who work with young people and a student who received help when she needed to get back to the classroom.

July 2021 - The State of Stigma: Understanding Mental Health in Older Adults

At least one in four older adults experiences some mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or dementia
– World Health Organization

June 2021 - Proactive & Progressive Ways Religious Communities are Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

“The leadership of our faith communities have a major responsibility to actively create a climate where members can feel okay about seeking help for mental health issues, especially with us having gone through this pandemic,” Max Donatelli, Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition founding member, said. “Thankfully we know of some who are, and we will be featuring them during the Facebook Live session.”

October 2020 - Back in Session: The Emotional Roller Coaster for Students, Parents and Teachers in the New School Year

A discussion on managing fear and uncertainty this school year and some strategies for good mental health.