Founding Member

Mental Health Advocates of WNY

At Mental Health Advocates of WNY, every day we hear the concerns of parents who have a loved one experiencing a mental health crisis, the struggles of people trying to find appropriate care, and the stigma and shame that can come with a mental health concern. And we also hear our support group members talk about the importance of having supportive family and friends who understand their struggles. What we know is that stigma and shame feeds on itself. In order to change that dynamic, we need to change the conversation. We are committed to promoting mental health and supporting individuals living with mental illness. And we are committed to work hard with the other members of the coalition to put an end to stigma.
Melinda C. DuBois | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

The Mental Health Advocates of WNY, Inc. promotes mental health and wellness in our community and supports individuals and families who are challenged by mental illness. The Mental Health Advocates of WNY has positioned itself to know the community’s most pressing and current mental health needs, and to deliver the best possible programming and services to meet those needs.