Brain-Body Health Technology, LLC

Organizational Member Since February 2020

Breathtaking advances in technology are changing the way healthcare providers and consumers are partnering in the process of supporting the brain-body’s ability to find its way back to optimal health and wellbeing. Brain-body Health Technology will introduce the WNY community to a wide range of safe, gentle, non-pharmaceutical approaches to the resolution of symptoms.
Kathleen Calabrese PhD LMFT BCN | 

About the Organization

The Brain-Body Health Technology (BBHT) Institute provides people suffering with a wide range of symptoms related to brain-body dysregulation an opportunity to experience cutting-edge, simple and safe technologies that improve brain performance. BBHT will offer a full menu of programs designed to improve clients’ health literacy and cultivate active participation in the therapeutic process. We provide non-pharmaceutical support for the reduction of chronic pain, and recovery from addiction.