Buffalo Toronto Public Media

Organizational Member Since March 2020

Buffalo Toronto Public Media recognizes the importance of mental health awareness and has been actively working to inform our community about the challenges and issues of mental health. We have been involved in an ongoing Mental Health Initiative, a two-year project that includes in-depth reporting on WBFO along with a number of digital and online components. We believe that by joining The Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, we can build a stronger, more powerful partnership that can reach even more people of Western New York and have a broader and more profound impact on the mental health of our community.
Tom Calderone | 
President & CEO

About the Organization

The Western New York Public Broadcasting Association is a community-based public broadcasting service serving Western New York and Southern Ontario with a combination of television, radio, education, and online services. Buffalo Toronto Public Media collaborates with community partners on community engagement and content initiatives.