Catholic Charities of Buffalo

Organizational Member Since October 2020

Catholic Charities of Buffalo strongly affirms that the mental well-being of all individuals, of any age, is critical of attention, care, support and advocacy. We welcome this opportunity to join in community conversations and engage with the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition to extinguish the stigma of mental health symptoms, diagnoses and treatment. For our own part, we continue our legacy of being a welcoming, open resource for anyone who wants to address their mental health. We are encouraged by this collaboration as we all work to increase public awareness for and understanding of mental illness, and strive for a world where mental health services are at least as available, accessible and acceptable as medical health services are today.
Deacon Steve Schumer | 
President and Chief Executive Officer

About the Organization

Catholic Charities of Buffalo has been protecting, strengthening and empowering the people of Western New York since 1923. We offer the most comprehensive services of any human service organization covering all eight counties. We help people from all walks of life, including those in need and or most vulnerable – children, adults, older adults and families – without regard to religion, race, gender or age. Our goal is optimum emotional, mental and physical health for all. Catholic Charities offers programs that strive to empower individuals, children and families. Among them are basic emergency assistance and referrals, counseling services for all ages, child and adult mental health and chemical dependency treatment, educational and job readiness programs, older adult services, parish outreach and advocacy, marriage counseling, immigration and refugee assistance and a variety of programs that address prevention and treatment of a number of family issues.