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Children’s Mental Health Coalition of Western New York Inc

As a family-run, family-driven organization serving children and families in 19 Western New York Counties, our experience with the stigma of mental illness is personal. We know the sting of having a loved one shamed or dishonored as a result of their illness. We have lived with the brick wall that stigma places before us leaving our families with needs unmet and help unsolicited. Because of this, we work with passion and deep intent to provide support, collective action, partnership, and strength, in achieving the care necessary for all children and families. We believe unquestionably that the reduction of stigma will make for enhanced legislation, enriched policies, and advanced treatment to improve the lives of all those within our community.
Mary Skorupa | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

A voice for families of children with emotional, social, behavioral, developmental, and learning challenges, the Children’s Mental Health Coalition of Western New York Inc. offers Family Support—an array of services that help children live at home while giving attention to the needs of all family members.