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Organizational Member Since June 2019

We need to join together as a community to end the stigma on mental illness. Far too often people do not speak about the struggles they are facing because society has embraced silence over treatment. Through partnerships and education, we can end this behavior. Mental illness does not discriminate. Individuals of all abilities can be diagnosed with a mental illness. Many of the individuals we work with at Community Services for Every1 have a dual diagnosis of a mental illness and either an intellectual or developmental disability. Receiving proper treatment with a dual diagnosis is especially difficult because of a lack of understanding, an inability to treat the dual complexities present, and sometimes an added obstacle of an inability to communicate clearly. Our organization was built on the foundation of understanding and embracing individuals who struggle with a dual diagnosis. As we continue to grow, I am proud to say we strive to help as many people living with these struggles as possible. I am proud to partner to end the stigma. I believe by working together we can get that much closer to helping people break the silence and receive proper treatment.
Mindy Cervoni  | 
President & CEO

About the Organization

Community Services for Every1 partners with individuals of all abilities to reach their fullest potential, protecting their rights and promoting their independence and inclusion in our community.