Organizational Member Since November 2019

Living Opportunities of DePaul provides housing, support, advocacy, and recovery-oriented supports to adult individuals in 7 Western New York Counties. In Erie County alone, DePaul serves about 600 adults at any given time. Through the years, we have helped thousands of individuals lead normal and productive lives while fighting stigma at the same time. Many years ago, it was nearly impossible to locate a mental health residential program in Erie County. Although it is still not an easy feat, communities have become much more receptive to our presence. This is good news, but we still have a long way to go. Through the years, DePaul has lost some of its consumers as a result of suicide. In addition, we lost two very dear employees to this same fate. We believe that our ongoing battle to fight stigma will be the key to helping people obtain the help they need. This will not only save lives, but it will improve the quality of lives for those who get help.
Christopher Syracuse | 
Executive Director/Vice President

About the Organization

DePaul is a progressive, private not-for-profit organization founded in 1958 that provides services in the areas of addiction prevention and support services, affordable housing, mental health residential, senior living communities, support programs, and vocational programs.