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Organizational Member Since January 2020

EPIC has been part of the conversation for a long time, supporting families with mental health and other challenges for 40 years. Families are more likely to overcome mental illness when supported by the community. Support from the community includes providing resources, education and services, in addition to helping families remove barriers to success. One of those barriers is the shame of mental illness and the embarrassment of asking for help. We are pleased to be part of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition because we want to be a part of the solution for families who need help and deserve success.
Tara N. Burgess | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

In 1980, Robert Wilson established EPIC in Buffalo, NY with the mission to involve the entire community to help children make responsible decisions, understand and respect authority, develop positive self-esteem, plan for the future and succeed in life. Our Mission Statement: Helping families, schools and communities raise children to become responsible & successful adults.