Family Help Center

Organizational Member Since June 2021

Every part of our being is connected to our mental health. All of our psychological and biological systems are inter-related yet for centuries, in spite of so many advances, the need to nurture and support preventive and holistic mental health practices was devalued, underfunded and downplayed—truly relegated to a ‘back seat’ on the list of societal priorities and relegated to stigma status. The work of the Coalition has been transformational in not only giving us a glimpse of a future without stigma (imagine such a world, a state, a community) but also pulling together all sectors in a unified approach that represents a wonderful and potent example of collective impact. The staff at the Family Help Center pledge to share the same commitment and do our part to work with the Coalition to help ensure our community will become stigma-free. It is within our reach.
Kate Joyce | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

Family Help Center is a multi-service agency, providing human services and in home support to families in all of Erie County, as well as a New York State licensed childcare facility, Family Help Center Daycare. The Center also offers a comfortable and nurturing environment for group and family interaction, youth leadership programming, child care programming, parent training sessions and a family support helpline at 716-892-2172. Family Help Center provides services to families of all walks of life especially when families lack basic needs, face parenting challenges and feel isolated with nowhere else to turn. Family Help Center provides supports to families that strengthen and empower families toward stability and livelihood. We are also dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable in our community through offering services that prevent and interrupt child abuse and neglect in all of its forms—physical, emotional and sexual.