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I got involved in the anti-stigma campaign because a very good friend’s teenaged loved one died of suicide and if it weren’t for the stigma of mental illness, he might have gotten the help he needed and might be alive today. As a retired human services professional and Vietnam vet, I have worked with many youth and families, and fellow vets that could have become more successful in their lives if it weren’t for the negatives associated with getting treatment for mental illness. Even within my own family, we have had delays getting the support needed because of stigma and its effects. Today, we want to inspire those who need help that there is hope and help available if one is willing to try.
Max Donatelli | 

About the Organization

Fellows Action Network (FAN) is a network of skilled, collaborative leaders who are graduates of the Health Leadership Fellows program of the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York and the Ladder to Leadership program of the Center for Creative Leadership in CNY. FAN seeks to improve quality of life through advocacy, action and professional development.