GLYS of WNY. Growing LGBTQ+ Youth Support

Organizational Member Since August 2021

GLYS is committed to promoting positive mental health in LGBTQ+ youth and families. By involvement in the Anti Stigma Coalition; GLYS can connect with providers and agencies to further our ability to provide quality resources to our youth and families. GLYS’s involvement also allows coalition members to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community and have a resource for their participants. It is a mutual engagement of sharing and learning which makes us all healthier and more aware. As some look at LGBTQ+ identity with stigma and add to that mental health concerns, this membership allows for both those areas to be addressed.
Dr. Robert Digangi-Roush  | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

GLYS has been a youth focused service agency for 38 years. Conceived to address homelessness and mental health needs of gay and lesbian youth, GLYS has grown with the needs and concerns of youth and families. The name “Growing LGBTQ+ Youth Support” defines the direction of drop-in centers, support groups, family resources, advocacy, trainings, collaborations for service provision, and education of the community. Serving eight counties of Western New York, GLYS is ever seeking to meet youth and families where they are; geographically and process wise. GLYS is funded by donations and grants. It has a diverse board of directors that help to steer the course and keep GLYS funded. GLYS is now mobile, with a virtual office space, serving in communities through satellite locations and pop-up services.