Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. (HOME)

Organizational Member Since May 2021

Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. is pleased to partner with the Anti-Stigma Coalition in this important fight. As a civil rights agency tasked to promote the value of diversity and ensure equal opportunities for all, we understand the importance of combatting prejudice and discrimination with education and advocacy. We assist our clients in locating safe and affordable housing in WNY, and we witness first-hand the impact stigma and discrimination has on the people we serve. We all have personal struggles, and there are times we need the support and encouragement of a village to help us deal with our challenges. HOME is proud to be a part of this village.
M. DeAnna Eason | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

HOME is a civil rights agency founded in 1963 whose mission is to promote the value of diversity and to ensure all people an equal opportunity to live in the housing and communities of their choice – through education, advocacy, enforcement of fair housing laws and the creation of housing opportunities. Everyday we strive to create stronger, diverse communities.