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Millennium Collaborative Care

By encouraging and facilitating open conversations about mental health conditions, and attacking outdated stigma head on, we are taking another major step forward in our ongoing efforts to improve the health of our communities. Not only are we educating and sharing urgently needed messages of acceptance and hope; we’re knocking down barriers and enabling more people to seek and access treatment much earlier. This benefits both the individual and our healthcare delivery system. Anytime we can match a person to the right care at the right time, and therefore avoid additional situations that may arise from untreated conditions, we are achieving success.
Al Hammonds | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

Igniting healthcare change in Western New York, by partnering with physicians, healthcare providers and community-based organizations to improve the delivery of health care for Medicaid patients. Millennium Collaborative Care was identified as one of the Performing Provider Systems in Western New York. Today, the organization serves over 258,000 lives across eight counties.