Mobile Counseling of New York

Organizational Member Since November 2021

Mobile Counseling of New York was founded in 2019 with the intention of making counseling available to all. We are passionate about providing quality mental health services to those who otherwise would not be able to access care due to the myriad of barriers many people often encounter. We are very in interested joining the Erie County Anti Stigma Coalition because when its comes to mental health, team work makes the dream work. We have always said we want to be a support to our community, whether that be our clients or community partners. Joining the Erie County Anti Stigma Coalition would be another step in continuing our mission within the Western New York Community.
Alex Elizondo  | 
Owner and Director of Clinical Services

About the Organization

Mobile Counseling of New York is a private group practice providing mental health services throughout Western New York and New York State. The mission of Mobile Counseling of New York is to improve quality, accessibility and increase immediacy of mental health care in New York State. We accept a wide variety of insurances and provide services in home, in the community or via Telehealth. We take pride in making our referral process simple and streamlined, quickly connecting clients with clinicians. We do not have wait lists and clients are able to connect and schedule with a counselor within a week of contact. We are dedicated to making the mental health process easier and more accessible for clients, clinicians and community partners.