New Directions Youth & Family Services Inc.

Organizational Member Since August 2021

Stigma attached to seeking mental health services remains a deterrent to those who are suffering from a variety of conditions. New Directions, by joining with the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, is partnering with many others to work toward treatment being seen as a resilient, strength based, positive step in restoring the mental health of those in need. The achievement of these goals will bring our communities to a place of support and will honor those who seek services rather than stigmatizing. New Directions is fully committed to the effort.
James W. Coder | 

About the Organization

New Directions offers a comprehensive array of services across the eight counties of Western New York. Services include youth residential living; traditional and therapeutic foster care, adoption, supervised independent living; agency operated boarding homes; a home for pregnant and parenting teens; community-based preventive, parenting, and mental health programs; therapeutic educational services (preK-12); and an outpatient children’s mental health clinic.