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Stigma is the force that makes all of our work in addiction and mental health less effective than it needs to be. Stigma stops people from asking for help and stops people from helping. It sometimes stops issues from even being discussed. We can create programs and strategies, but if money is withheld to support them or if people don’t use them or seek them, we can’t succeed. Remove the stigma and these efforts can flourish. Help seeking and help giving need to become the norm. If not for stigma, they would be.
Matthew G. Smith, CPP | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

Preventionfocus, Inc. empowers children, adults, and entire communities with the skills, information, and tools needed to make positive life choices. They take a proactive approach, putting prevention strategies to work in an effort to stop problems before they start. They also strive to impact laws, policies, norms and beliefs that make healthy choices more likely.