Restoration Society, Inc.

Organizational Member Since September 2019

I am joining the Anti-Stigma Coalition to partner as united force against stigma. Being part of a passionate group, sharing ideas and resources to discover innovative ways to combat public and self-stigma will impact the isolation, despair, and service delivery system ultimately improving quality lives for those affected by mental health conditions through gaining accesses to needed services and resources.
Nancy Singh, M.A., C.R.C. | 
Chief Executive Officer

About the Organization

Restoration Society, Inc. is a non-profit, peer-operated agency. We provide a variety of same-day, community based, recovery oriented services for individuals with behavioral health conditions and/or housing needs. Our rehabilitative services include: Employment, housing, young adult clubhouse, Recovery Center, Homeless Drop-In, outreach, parenting support, resource linkage, HCBS, and benefits advisement. We provide services 365 days per year and all can be accessed through one of our program locations or in the community. All services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.