Self-Advocacy Association of NYS

Organizational Member Since January 2020

At SANYS, we have long stood against the stigmatizing of people with developmental disabilities. No person should have to bear the burden of stigma because of their differences. We at SANYS know how hurtful stigma can be and we commend the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition for it’s work to end the stigmatizing of people due to their mental health status. It is time that we all learn to honor our human differences rather than use them as reasons to stigmatize or discriminate against one another.
Arnold Ackerley  | 
Administrative Director

About the Organization

Our goal is to help self-advocates build the skill and courage needed to speak up for themselves and others. We believe that empowered self-advocates can help create inclusive communities and a person-centered and person-directed system of supports. To further this goal, the SANYS board and delegated staff members support self-advocates and self-advocacy groups regionally and statewide. SANYS encourages self-advocates to speak for themselves individually and collectively.