Seneca-Babcock Community Association

Organizational Member Since February 2020

We envision Seneca-Babcock and the surrounding neighborhoods to continue as a thriving community with a proud history, where people are informed, connected, engaged, and empowered to shape their future. To realize this vision, the Seneca-Babcock Community Association serves as the growing comprehensive transitional aged youth center in Buffalo, where youth and young adults learn together and become change agents for the community.
Brian Pilarski | 
Executive Director

About the Organization

The Seneca-Babcock Community Association, Inc. in Buffalo, NY is one of the premier human and social services agencies in the Western New York area, provide a healthy sense of community for all that we serve. Our programs and activities provide skills and training to families that support healthy homes and healthy futures. Alongside community residents, elected and appointed officials, advisory groups and program partners provide a holistic approach to human services. Whether the need is child care, youth programs or senior citizen activities, the organization’s programs and activities focus in six areas of development: (1) sports and recreation, (2) education development, (3) arts and media, (4) health and wellness, (5) workforce development and (6) character and leadership development. The Seneca-Babcock Community Association, Inc. is committed to developing and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Lovejoy district, including at-risk youth, adults, families and seniors. Our goal is to deliver a strong sense of empowerment through participation in education, economic, social and health related programs. Values Focus: working with historically underserved, promising youth, adults and senior citizens. Integrity: keeping our promise to youth, young adults, senior citizens and the community. Collaboration: working together to solve problems in our community. Accountability: being responsive to youth, young adults, senior citizens, their families and the community. Leadership Development: being community driven and developing future leaders. Relevance: being culturally relevant and using best practices to serve the community. Sustainability: strong leadership, capable staff, quality programs and abundant resources