Veterans One-Stop Center of WNY

Organizational Member Since January 2020

The stigma surrounding mental health, especially in the military community, needs to come to an end. As the premier veterans service non-profit in Western New York, we witness firsthand veterans struggle with mental illness and the severe obstacles they overcome in order to ask for help. It is so important for organizations to join forces to break the silence and stop the stigma. The Veterans One-stop Center of WNY is proud to be part of this coalition and move the conversation forward.
Chuck Marra | 
President and CEO

About the Organization

The Veterans One-Stop Center of WNY provides supportive services to veterans and their families in a convenient single location. We empower veterans to achieve economic success, housing stability, and emotional health and wellbeing by offering a wide range of social and health services needed to complete the transition from military to civilian life. The group provides barrier-free access in the comfort of a “home base” environment that is always welcoming, affirming and responsive to the needs of veterans and their families. Any veteran regardless of status is eligible for services.