Visible Man, LLC

Organizational Member Since September 2021

Visible Man is interested in joining the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition because we want to make it easier for men to engage in constructive conversations about mental health, and feel that partnering with established mental health organizations can more effectively help men in need. We are a growing community of men and women focused on preventing male suicide, and cultivate open dialog with professionals to act as a meeting space for peer support and gateway to professional help, and feel that being a part of the coalition can support the goals of our organization and the coalition.
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About the Organization

Visible Man is a men’s mental health community that connects men and women in a moderated online space, and facilitates connecting with mental health professionals. Visible Man is based in Rochester, NY, and has a worldwide membership of men and women focused on reducing the stigma around men’s mental health. The moderated discussions take place on a text, voice, and video server 24/7, and include sub-spaces dedicated to subgroups within the Visible Man community. We produce a weekly, televised discussion among Visible Man members to exemplify vulnerable discussions and have interactive sessions with guest speakers that we publish as a podcast. This combination of entry points—social media, online discussions, mental health professional guests, and podcasts—makes it possible to engage with the Visible Man community in many ways, to meet a person where they’re at in terms of readiness to discuss difficult topics.