Member Spotlight: Parkview Health Services

May 7, 2024

We understand the complexities and stigmas that are associated with mental health care and knew that we had to do something to improve the lives of our patients."

Parkview Health Services provides quality care and pharmacy services to consumers in assisted living facilities, developmentally disabled residences, mental health clinics, and chemical dependency rehabilitation facilities throughout New York State.

We recently asked the leaders of Parkview Health Services about mental health and stigma.

Why did your organization become a member of The Anti-Stigma Coalition?

At Parkview Health Services we believe that every person is valuable and deserves kindness, compassion, and dignity. As a behavioral health specialty pharmacy that has had the privilege of providing pharmacy services to Western New York for over 35 years, we know firsthand the obstacles our patients face daily. Together we can break the silence and create a safe environment for individuals living with mental health conditions.

How are people with mental health challenges impacted by stigma?

The many stigmas behind a mental health diagnosis can certainly have a negative impact on a patient’s quality of life resulting in medication non-adherence. Retail pharmacies may not be equipped to monitor medication compliance in partnership with the individual’s prescriber. Some retail pharmacies shy away from people with mental illness and do not treat the individual with compassion. We have seen instances where patients become non-compliant because they don’t want to get their medication from a pharmacy who does not treat them with respect.

Patients with severe mental health disorders are our most vulnerable patient population and deserve the same access to care as patients diagnosed with other complex conditions. In addition to access, patients need support along their healthcare journey to ensure they have the tools and resources to remain adherent. Taking medication on time and in the right doses ensures quality outcomes. As healthcare professionals, we need to support one another by creating a positive experience for our patients. No one should walk this journey alone, and it is our responsibility to pave the way and provide whole life care for those with mental health conditions.

What is your organization doing to address stigma and enhance mental wellness for employees and clients?

We understand the complexities and stigmas that are associated with mental health care and knew that we had to do something to improve the lives of our patients. With over 35 years of experience in behavioral health we found there were gaps in care where behavioral health patients did not receive the same level of access or medication adherence support as those with other diagnoses. We chose to change the way healthcare was delivered and designed a unique service model that provides a whole life care approach for patients and their caregivers. Our program is called LifeView. The LifeView program builds a layered support ecosystem for providers and care teams servicing behavioral health patients and their caregivers. Providers can access value-added service to improve health outcomes and lower the administrative burden. Our dedicated team of specialists provide personalized service as each patient’s journey is unique. Our key pillars to LifeView ensures that every patient has access to care, clinical support, client engagement, advanced technology and a continuum of care offered through our proprietary Adhre360 medication adherence program. Together we can ensure that behavioral health patients and their caregivers are supported on their journey to independence and well-being.