Member Spotlight: Recovery Options Made Easy

Shannon Higbee, CEO
Recovery Options Made Easy

Why did your organization become a member of The Anti-Stigma Coalition?

As a peer-run mental health organization we recognize the need to address stigma at every level. We believe that aligning ourselves with The Anti-Stigma Coalition is a powerful opportunity to stand with other like-minded individuals to advocate against stigma.

How are people with mental health challenges impacted by stigma?

Stigma can influence our participants’ willingness to seek treatment for mental health concerns, as well as their comfort level in sharing their own lives experience which can negatively impact their mental health recovery. Breaking down these barriers supports better access to and engagement in positive recovery supports.

What is your organization doing to address stigma and enhance mental wellness for employees, volunteers and clients?

At Recovery Options, we provide a peer-centered, recovery-focused environment to address stigma. We offer extensive opportunities for training in personal advocacy, trauma-informed care, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue, and evidence-based wellness and recovery tools to support both staff and participants in maintaining mental wellness. Our agency supports significant schedule flexibility and generous time off for staff, as well as the opportunity to engage in statewide advocacy surrounding mental health.

Member Spotlight