The Amherst Chamber of Commerce has a 60 year tradition of responding to the diverse needs of the business community.

We recently spoke with Director of Marketing & Operations, Christine Langenfeld.

Q: Why did your organization become a member of The Anti-Stigma Coalition?

The Amherst Chamber prides itself on providing solutions and resources for our Western NY region. Collaboration and alliance can further advance initiatives of our members. We value these partnerships, and the Anti-Stigma Coalition has important, relevant, and pressing challenges for the community at large; this includes the business community. Support for such an important topic was an easy decision. Making the pledge was quick and easy, and we look forward to contributing to the conversation.

Q: How are people with mental health challenges impacted by stigma?

Stigma does exist, but with the commitment of these insightful co-members of the Anti-Stigma Coalition, we can work together to improve the discussion and lead by example. We do so much to take care of our physical health, so it’s time for self-care with our mental health. De-stigmatizing the topic by sharing the stories, supporting the mission and ensuring (from a business perspective) to provide the tools and resources for mental wellness within the business community is essential.

Q: What impact is the Campaign having in the community?

Although mental wellness has always been an important issue, the pandemic has increased stressors for the entire population. We can’t let any progress go by the wayside. The campaign has united businesses of various industries to come together and offer a platform to actually talk about these sensitive issues. Communication is key in any wellness initiative. We have committed to enhance our offerings for our members and have worked with Horizon Health, Independent Health and Financial Partners of Upstate New York for a three-part Wellness Series that will run October – December. Visit for more information.