Spotlight: A Q&A with Anchoring Hope of NY

Anchoring Hope of NY provides opportunities for success and hope for those affected by mental illness and/or addiction and their families through the support and use of unique and unconventional equipment and services.

Unconventional treatment and items not covered by insurance are a focus for our organization. Anchoring Hope offers quality of life grants for expenses such as tamper-proof med boxes, emotional support/service animals, treatments, recreational activities, tablet-based monitoring programs that assist with managing medications, and items for daily living. Through these means, Anchoring Hope helps individuals, families, and other stakeholders in New York address the mental health crisis and its devastating effects on our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

We recently spoke with Kim Hubert-Bickel, president, about stigma and mental health.

Why did your organization become a member of The Anti-Stigma Coalition?

We joined the Anti Stigma Coalition as we believe in the Coalition’s mission of stopping stigma. Through collaboration, awareness and education people living with mental illness will feel supported by their community – eliminating feelings of isolation and shame.  Together – change is possible!

How are people with mental health challenges impacted by stigma?

Stigma can result in less likelihood in seeking or remaining in treatment. Relationships are often affected resulting in feelings of shame, feeling of being alone and a sense of hopelessness.

Does your organization provide mental health support/programming for your clients, volunteers, and employees?

‘Thinking Differently’ – a not-for-profit dedicated to providing opportunities for success for those affected by mental illness and/or addiction and their loved ones through the use of unique and /unconventional equipment and services. Anchoring Hope offers quality of life scholarships (including, but not limited to) – medication boxes (including tamperproof), tablet-based monitoring tablets, service/emotional support animals, recreational activities and memberships, etc.  We focus on advocacy and collaboration striving to ensure the right supports and services are available while also providing Narcan training and kits to anyone in need.

“Whether it be finding the right support to overcome for yourself or a loved one, Anchoring Hope serves as a means to heal.”

What impact is the Anti-Stigma Campaign having in the community?

We believe the Anti-Stigma Coalition and the Lets Talk Stigma campaign is leading the way for change.

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