Member Spotlight with Child and Family Services

Jan 7, 2020

...each person we serve has a unique story to tell.

Child and Family Services dedicates its resources to meet the needs of children and families. One of Western New York’s oldest human service agencies, Child and Family Services fosters safe and healthy environments for children and families in local homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Francisco M. Vasquez, Ph.D., President and CEO, shared his perspective when Child and Family Services joined the Anti-Stigma Coalition.

I am committed to a world in which mental healthcare services are deemed a basic human right and it begins with supporting the work of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition.

I work in a business serving people who by many accounts are unjustly viewed as “broken,” as lacking somehow, as “problems”—as burdens of society. Some present with mental health issues and carry the weight, the stigma that relegates them to objects of pity, of fear, and of contempt.

Yet, each person we serve has a unique story to tell—many of these stories are not pretty, nevertheless, most are hopeful chronicles of redemption, of recovered lives because somebody cared. I am mindful that anyone of us is one traumatic, life-changing event from needing the types of supports we often consign to “others.”